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NURSING: Web Resources

A quick guide to some of the more common resources for Nursing students at CGCC

Web Resources

For Nurses

National Center for Health Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC and its National Center for Health Statistics both provide vital information about health threats. The NCHS page is data rich and also has various tools to perform data analysis.

National Guideline Clearinghouse 

Looking for a resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines? Check out this resource.

American Nurses Association

Professional organization for nurses in the United States.

Consumer Health

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Geared toward a lay-person for consumer health purposes. It provides entries about conditions with information like causes, home care, when to contact medical professionals, and what to expect at the office visit, alternative names, and references, all in a lay-man's terms for consumer health needs.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar trawls the open web for scholarly literature. Not all of the articles are going to be available, but often you will gain valuable meta information like the articles citation information, references, and other starting point information for you research journey!

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