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Films on Demand: Features

A quick guide on the use of this awesome resource!


There are several ways to search Films on Demand (FoD). Utilizing the search bar at the top of the page is one way.

Another way is to click "Advanced Search" and use the parameters there, like title, keyword, subject, copyright date and video asset type. The search can also employ the boolean operators AND, OR, & NOT.

Find Related

Once you have a video, you might also be interested in checking out related videos, or looking at how the video was "tagged". In the example below, the video is "tagged" with keywords like "adolescence", "human development", "divorce", etc.

Clicking on those tags when you're in FoD will result in search results with other films that are tagged that same way.

Sharing & Citing

When you have a video you want to use, you'll probably want to find a way to share, cite, and embed it. These options are immediately below the video. Citation provides you three citations: MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Share gives you options for emailing the video. Embed/Link provides the URL & coding to embed the video.