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ENG 260 Introduction to Women Writers: Database Resources

Common Database Resources

JSTOR (Early Journal Content and Register & Read)

JSTOR holds a vast array of content, and its Early Journal Content includes historical documents and journals published before 1923 in the U.S. and before 1870 in other countries. Another option to access JSTOR content is to sign up through their free Register & Read program. It allows you to read 3 articles every 2 weeks. Follow the link to create an account.

General Interest Vs. Scholarly


Area General Scholarly/Academic
  • Shorter length
  • Often have pictures and advertisements
  • Longer in length
  • Little or no advertising
  • May include: abstract, explanation of method; graphs, statistics, charts, analysis and conclusion
Peer Review
  • Not evaluated by experts in the field
  • Evaluated by other experts in the field
  • Called peer-reviewed, scholarly, or refereed journals
  • Usually published daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Usually published monthly or quarterly 
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